Irish Motorbike & Scooter Show 2015

Living the Dream

Motorcycle Lifestyle

Motorcycle Lifestyle Fashion Shows


Look cool this Spring on and off your bike with the latest and greatest from the increasingly influential World of Motorbike Lifestyle Fashion. Check out some serious style in action as the Model Search Contestants strut their stuff on stage while wearing all the hottest brands. Be sure you don’t miss the Motorcycle Lifestyle Fashion Shows each day.

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Touring & Adventure Holidays

touringOn Road and Off Road guided tours in undiscovered rural countryside. Ride mile upon mile of empty trails and enjoy some traditional hospitality. Get right off the beaten track! Motorcycle adventure touring holidays across Europe – from the Swiss Austrian Alps to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, USA, etc. Or, make a trip of a lifetime to a WSB or MotoGP and see your racing heroes in live action!


aFrom displays of the latest off-road adventure holidays to exciting entertainment by the Short Flat Track Racers and 1000cc Speedway Sidecars!

Motorcycle Training & Safety


Everything changed in Dec 2010 when the initial Basic Training Scheme (IBT) became the law for learners. Staying safe in those vulnerable early days and learning the skills to see you through many enjoyable miles ahead is a vital skill set that is proven to avoid accidents and save lives. The Road Safety Association (RSA) together with the MSA, ISM and the M50 Motorbike Training School are all on hand at the Show to give you all the advice and information you need to enjoy your motorcycling safely on our busy highways and tranquil byways whether you are a beginner, returning to motorbike riding or a more experienced rider.

Latest Biker Gadgets

gadgetsSee all the latest biker gadgets at the Carole Nash Irish Motorbike Show.