Flat Track Racing

This year there will be, once again, the exciting and ever popular Flat Track racing in the sand arena. The big difference with the coming show is that visitors to the show will be given the opportunity to learn how to Flat Track Race!

While flat track bikes have front and rear suspension, they only have rear brakes. The brakes are what make it completely distinct from any other discipline of motorcycle racing, as only having the rear brakes to rely on demands a very different cornering technique.

The genre is also one of the oldest in motorcycle sport with its roots in 1900s America where brands such as Harley Davidson and Indian were raced on dirt ovals in the Midwest where it was usually referred to as Dirt Track Racing.


The accessibility of the sport has always been one of the main reasons it has remained so popular. It’s this accessibility that allows us to offer you, the show visitor, to book in for a lesson to learn how to race Flat Track Race. It’ll ONLY cost you €25 per lesson. Just pop over to the Sand Arena anytime and book yourself in!

Be warned, however, it may give you the bug!