Travel and Adventure Talks

Since this year’s show is heavy on travel and adventure, we’ve invited Nathan Millward, who is the author of several motorcycle adventure books including ‘The Postman’, to host a series of talks with a number of riders who’ve ridden out of their comfort zone. There will be a host of travel companies in attendance from groups such as HC Travel, specialising in off road adventures, Northern Ireland’s Nutt Travel, to Trailblazers as well as the famous Temple Street Children’s hospital’s “Route 66ers”.

Bike transport specialists, Overlanders, will also be along. The team there has recently returned from yet another adventure, this time in the jungles of Northern Thailand. Trailblazers will also be in attendance, as will our very own Celtic Horizon Tours who have a book full of trips scheduled for this year including the eagerly anticipated ‘Big Sky Tour’ in partnership with USA’s Eagle Rider Tours.

The theme of Nathan’s talks is one of ‘Getting into Adventure’

This is an idea that he had following on from his own motorcycle trips. He has been left with a passion to help and encouraging others to undertake their own adventure(s). The really important thing is that this doesn’t have to be riding around the world or staying away from home and work for months on end.

Expect to hear from some very interesting people who have done some amazing things on two wheels as well as some riders who’ve simply felt the benefit of breaking out of the everyday and simply riding to the far side of the country.

You can catch up with Nathan and his guests at the show.