World Famous Purple Helmets

At Speeds Approaching 100 Miles Per Hour

Ladies you’re in for a treat. Visitors to this year’s show will be rewarded with a performance (?) from the globally renowned, extremely talented and World Famous Purple Helmets. They like to call their efforts ‘The totally sh*te show’ and they will be making a huge effort to get here all the way from the Isle of Man. The team motto is ‘Eatin’ is cheatin’. If that doesn’t sum them up in three words then nothing will!

To describe the Purple Helmets as anything less that the highlight of the show for many is to do a disservice to the crew and the immense talent that they have. To be able to ride bikes in such an entertaining way is one thing. To be able to do it dressed as they are on the bikes that they ride is the most fun any one could ever have while watching someone else on two wheels.

The Helmets will do 3 shows on Saturday and Sunday, they have been known to invade other displays which is probably where the rumour that they are paid in alcohol came from. Whatever the case may be, it’s not often that you see an obese naked man playing the piano while being carried around the paddock on the side of a distinctly second hand C90 while another riding a similar machine jumps through a ring of fire.

Saturday/Sunday Only